New Lease on Life

As president of the McKinney Housing Authority Resident Council, I often attend community events. Last summer, at a father’s day celebration, I was introduced to a pastor who asked about my vision for our community. She was surprised that I had no car and gave me a number to contact.

I am a senior at UNT majoring in business management with credits in education, mediation and negotiation. With the blessings of the Lord my 3.86 GPA ranks with those far younger than my 67 years and has placed me among the lifetime Golden Key International Honour Society students. An added blessing of my age is that 6 credit hours per term are available free of charge for the rest of my life, nothing like rounding out my credentials to be able to help others more efficiently.

It is one thing to have the wisdom to get things accomplished and quite another to have the financial ability to do so. Thanks to LOTV, I received a “modern” phone and the means to have a hotspot in my apartment to access the internet. I choose not to have a T.V. and have no need for an internet other that the capacity to do my classwork and testing. Thanks to donors I was introduced to a means to have both updated phone capabilities as well as an internet service without paying for items I do not want or use.

Much of my life has been spent as an international missionary. Domestic violence was not part of my life’s vision. Helping a mate thru cancer, Parkinson’s, and mental illness was also not part of that dream, neither was domestic violence. The Samaritan Inn was my home for a while as I sought the means to establish a new life.

My car had been totaled in a freak Colorado ice storm several years prior just after I completed a 6,000 mile prayer journey to 14 states in 13 days. Much was accomplished during that trip and the enemy camp was not pleased. Some refer to things such as that as “backlash.” The vehicle hit black ice and jumped over a concrete wall headed for a three story drop. My life was spared but the car took the hit. Thanks be to God, I am still serving the Body of Christ.

In 2014 LOTV donors blessed me with a 2001 Toyota, a phone, and the means to make my life easier to manage. I no longer have a 20 minute walk to the bus terminal or a two and a half hour one way bus trip to the campus (which is a 15 minute commute from my apartment). There is no longer a need to be at school five days a week because the hotspot allows me to do my work from home at any hour of the day or night. I have email access on my phone, text, send photos, and have entered the modern world.

My social security is very modest but the Lord finds ways to stretch my income. Without your generous donations in 2014, I would not be where I am. Thanks for being a blessing so I may continue to be a blessing to others.

Sherry Lyn