2015 Ministry Updates

Dear readers:

Sorry for the long delay in giving you updates on notable events in 2015.


  • First annual fundraising banquet: 12/12/2015, Saturday at 6pm at the Golden Joy Restaurant in Richardson, TX. Please contact me or Bro. Andrew Chu if you can attend.
  • Call for volunteers: There was such an outpour of need for financial help this year that I became overwhelmed with new case files. I had to tell our referral sources to gradually stop sending me needy people until I could catch my breath.  Are there any volunteers out there?  We need help with prison ministry for men, women, and children (2 times a year).  We also need help with mentoring and visiting the battered women and children shelter. Lastly, would you consider helping with weekly rides for children to their therapy and counseling?


  • During the 1st week of the new year, we were able to share God’s blessings with Colleen Manny by giving her a low mileage Chevy Malibu 4-door car in great condition ($2100).  Colleen is a hard working single lady who tried to hold down two part time jobs while going to school to finish her degree.  Her old car was breaking down every other month and had parts held together by duct tape.
  • Praise God, Rogelio Macias was finally released from prison early January as well, and is starting his new life in El Paso, TX.  We met him through prison ministry and learned that he was an atheist, but overnight, by God’s working power, he converted to Christianity. Today he faithfully follows Jesus, and has turned from his old ways.
  • In mid-May, we gave away another car (Toyota Avalon; we paid our portion of $2000) in great running condition to a qualified recipient, Amir.  Amir is the father of 2 children and both him and his wife are immigrants from India. He works 60 hours in a restaurant bussing tables so he can provide for his family.  His only transportation was also donated to him, but on its last leg.  We went 50/50 on the donation with another non-church group who came up with the other $2000, thereby allowing us to share the grace of Jesus Christ with non-Christians as well.
  • Our largest expenditures, when added up, were given to assisting single mothers with rental assistance.  We still regularly provide financial assistance to families through paying for gas, electric and water bills, as well as transportation needs (e.g. bus passes and car repairs), which are all verified.  We have also given out more gas cards than any previous years.
  • We did enlist a volunteer, Carolyn Royal, to help with the homeless ministry and the battered women shelter.  She has a zealous group of family members and friends who help her feed the homeless weekly.  A small budget was allocated for the last quarter of this year to assist her with food purchases and gas allowance.
  • We sponsored the fund drive for Allen Community Outreach because of their desperate call for assistance due to record low supplies in their food pantry.  Because of the sponsorship relationship, we were able to also assist in their first financial management class with Bible based teachings on savings and budgeting.
  • We also table sponsored our partnership ministry, Refuge City, with $250 to support their efforts in saving children from sex trafficking through therapy and counselling in the name of Jesus. They also reach out to help mend fences with family members affected by their traumatic event, which is very vital to the success of the children’s recovery.
  • Other newsworthy updates for our supporters and readers: LOTV executive director Andrew Chu got married in May of 2015 to Sophia in Taiwan.  Your community outreach director Dave Lo took time to vacation with his kids in Taiwan in June of 2015.  However, recently while playing basketball, he tore his right Achilles tendon. After surgery on Oct. 26, he will have 3 months of recovery time before he can start walking normally again. Most advice from friends and family members were “act your age”.  Advice taken. ☺
  • Do you have a neighbor or a stranger in need from your community?  Please give me a shout and we’ll see how we can help them out.  God bless you all.

Thank you all for taking the time to read our 2015 updates. Please contact me or Bro. Andrew Chu if you have any questions or concerns.