Who we are

Lily of the Valley Community Outreach (LOTV), is a faith based 501C(3) non-profit, non-denominational organization that promotes the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and shares our Christian values through entrusted missionary works and community services both locally and globally. 

Lily is the name of my Grandmother. She was a kind and altruistic believer, who practiced her faith as mentioned in the book of James chapter 1, by helping the widow, the orphans, and the needy.  She championed the causes of the less fortunate in the community using her influence and affluence, especially for the orphanages for girls in Taiwan.  She passed away in 2010 at the age of 95.  

Her mother before her, preached with early church workers to nearby towns and villages in China in the 1920’s, healing the sick, visiting dungeons, and casting out Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.  Lily testified to us about the Lord’s work in those days, and I knew early on that was our hope in starting the Lily of the Valley Community Outreach, that the original faith would need to be restored and carried out in this generation as well.

In memory of Lily Xueying Lo

(1914 — 2010)

The Lily of the Valley Community Outreach was started as an idea.  An idea of how to bring assistance to those in need of help.

Our missionary works include spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and caring for the spiritual well being of His sheep. 

Our community services include but not limited to feeding the homeless, employment assistance, and providing transportation to individuals and families in time of need.